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Simply explained, "title" is the right to own, possess, use, control and dispose of property. When you buy a home, you are actually buying the seller's title to the home.  A deed is the written legal evidence that the seller has conveyed his or her ownership rights to you.

The purpose of the title examination is to discover any problems that might prevent you from getting clear title to the home.

Title insurance will protect you against title defects that were not discovered in the course of the title search (e.g. deceased cousin’s wife may have some claim to the title).  If such a defect were discovered later, your title insurance would cover you.

The following local businesses offer title insurance:

Barney (308.234.5548)

Ganz (308.237.5146)

Vintage (308.234.1998)

Miller (in Kearney County) (402.832.0969)

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